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SSL default is off does default to support SSL/TLS.

Enabling SSL/TLS

Place the PEM file (SSL certificate) for your domain in the Appdata/IAM/ directory. At right, we show an outline of a PEM file should you have need to assemble it yourself from the files sent to you by your SSL certificate vendor (e.g.

Use XML_Edit to edit Control.xml. Follow links on page to arrive at control >> server. Fill in pem_file_name and my_domain. Examples:


Do not add the path to pem_file_name. Just use file name with pem extension. For my_domain, use a name exactly as registered both by the pem file and your DNS coverage.

Use Port_Mgr to enable PORT_FIX_NETWURKZ (25188) and/or PORT_FIX_OWNER(25310). To enable well known ports 80 (http) and 443 (https), you must set up a web_page_server.