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What type of Network? can be describes as an Ad-hoc fully connected network. By fully connected, it means that every machine in the network is polling every other machine for status every 30 seconds. For small networks, this is a good tradeoff of diffusion speed for overhead. Because fully connected increases overhead faster than linearly with network size, is rated only for networks of fewer that 100 machines.

Each machine starts with a shado_hosts file listing known machines. Each machine scans the entire network every 30 seconds. Outgoing requests are concentrated in the first half of the 30 seconds with the second half absent outgoing requests to allow time for answers.

As any two machines connect, they exchange contact information of all the machines in their contact list. Thus, in short order, all machines are connected into the network in 2-5 30 second scan periods after is run.

As machines shut down, they are automatically dropped from each machine's contact list. Again, it takes 2-5 30 second scan periods after a machine stops running for the machine to drop off of all other machine's contact lists.